Elevator Inspection and Compliance Testing in the San Diego Area

State safety inspection is a multipurpose activity. For a new device, the inspection serves to ensure that the device meets the Elevator Safety Orders that are being enforced at that time. It also verifies that the equipment installed complies with the design parameters. If the conveyance is new or altered, the certified installing company must generate the request.

An inspection is to be made when required by the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Division 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter 6, Elevator Safety Orders (ESO).

Initial inspection

Currently, an inspection is required when a device is first installed as new before it can be released for public use, or when alteration/modernization work is performed as outlined in the ESO.

Annual Inspection

Labor Code section 7304 requires all elevators to be inspected at least once each year but permits up to a two-year period if an elevator is in a safe condition for operation and is subject to a full maintenance service contract. A certified inspector, as defined in section 3003, may perform such re-inspections.

Five-year Inspection

We can support five-year inspection requirements and coordinate fire, life, and safety inspections of your elevator systems

Monthly Life Safety System Inspection

Monthly inspections are vital, not only for state compliance, but for the protection of property and people. In accordance with State code 6.1 (operation of elevators under fire and other emergency conditions), we check that monthly testing is performed to ensure proper phase 1, and phase 2 operation for all elevators provided with firefighter service. We provide this service for customers in quarterly contracts, and as part of our service and maintenance programs.

Preliminary Orders

If you have received a Preliminary Order from the state, we can help you evaluate it and come up with the best options for you to consider.