Elevator Modernization in the San Diego Area

24 Hour Elevator has modernized thousands of elevators, helping customers plan in advance for a smooth modernization process. Our expert modernizations result in higher levels of reliability, safety, and energy efficiency, and help customers avoid the capital expense of a new elevator.

Improved safety and reliability

As elevators age and equipment becomes obsolete, interruptions in service can occur on a more frequent basis. Modernization of older equipment will provide safer, more reliable operation. A modernization replaces components that create operational and safety concerns.

Energy savings

Modernization saves energy and money through more energy efficient elevator operation, allow building owners to achieve a lower carbon footprint.

Code compliance

In addition to providing enhanced safety, efficiency, and reliability, modernization allows building owners to achieve elevator compliance with changing seismic, fire, and ADA codes.

Modernization for most elevators

24 Hour Elevator is qualified to perform all types of elevator modernization projects, from basic upgrades to elaborate renovations. We offer modernization of both hydraulic and traction elevator systems.

Non-proprietary systems

We utilize non-proprietary control systems in all of our modernizations, allowing you to reduce costs and stay in control of your elevator. From hydraulic to gearless elevators, our use of non-proprietary parts allows you to remain independent of OEM service, parts, and contracts.

Unmatched modernization experience

Our teams have installed and modernized thousands of elevator systems, ranging from single elevators to sophisticated multi-car destination dispatch applications.

We handle every detail

Under the direction of a dedicated modernization manager, we handle every detail from beginning to end – including state inspections, Letters of Intent, scheduling, as well as coordination with fire, life, and safety teams and other subcontractors. We handle the inspection process and take care of updated elevator permitting once your elevator is turned back over for usage.