Elevator Readjustments in the San Diego Area

As conservation becomes more important for today’s building owners, it makes monetary and ethical sense to make the most of good equipment. With this in mind, at 24 Hour Elevators we offer the following elevator re-adjustment services:

Rail alignment and seismic welding

Rails are the backbone of the elevator. They give it direction and keep it true. The rails are attached to the building by thick metal brackets which, over time and use, can slip out of their settings. By using a distance guide, plumbs, and levels, we can fasten them back to the original – or in some cases better – condition than the day they were installed. We also offer welding services to improve the positive connection from the elevator guide system to the building.

Door operator functions

Door operator components have many functions. Proper operation of the doors can make or break the elevator experience for your users and tenants. Local codes dictate door pressure and speed ranges. With adjustment, we can fine tune performance to meet your preferences, while maintaining the highest regard for compliance and safety.

Valve sizing

Valve adjustment is an important component in the efficiency and overall “feel” of the elevator and can sometimes cause the elevator car to over- or undershoot the floor. A valve in need of adjustment is often overlooked, with the conclusion being that the elevator itself needs to be replaced. In addition to smoother elevator operation, valve replacement can reduce overall power consumption since the motor does not have to compensate for the valve’s faults.

Hoistway door alignment

Doors can be the costliest of all elevator components if not maintained diligently. The majority of trouble calls, down cars, and entrapments are attributed to door failure.