Elevator Refurbishment in the San Diego Area

There is a diverse set of machinery at work in the elevator world, with some machines dating back to the early 1900s. These machines are each unique and were all built to last. Whether ten years or a hundred years old, we provide many ways to update the function and aesthetics of older elevators, while staying true to the machine’s original quality of character.

Lighting sconces

Changing out old lighting fixtures for newer fixtures is an affordable and simple way to improve the appearance of your elevator cars, as well as enhance energy efficiency.


New button styles using led technology in an array of color choices can really make the elevator stand out to your clients.

Doors and hall stations

Elevator doors are one of the first things you see and touch in the lobby. With the help of a top metal fabricator, we can put a new face on the lobby’s existing equipment.

Cab remodel

Cab remodeling can include elevator interiors, ceilings, handrails, doors and jambs, glass panels, flooring, and other components.

Starter replacement

A new solid-state starter boosts energy efficiency and protects the motor and other vital elevator components through the smooth, even distribution of power.

Valve replacement

Valve replacement is a simple procedure that can make a noticeable difference in the quality of the elevator riding experience, resulting in smoother lift operation.


We support many elevator security options, including card readers, floor lockouts, elevator access control panels, and elevator cameras. We are happy to assist your fire, life, and safety teams.


Many older cars have a cabinet in the control operating panel designed to hold a customary-sized phone. We can eliminate this with the latest button-sized counterpart. Our affordable ADA Phone upgrade will bring your elevator up to current call technology standards and ensure full ADA compliance as soon as it’s installed.

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Fixtures & Interiors

We offer turnkey design and installation services to renovate the interior or fixtures of any elevator.

Historic restoration

We have the in-house expertise to restore original elevator fixtures and components to comply with historical requirements.